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Difference between air drying oven and vacuum drying oven


The difference between the two

1, the concept of drying box

2. Application scope of blast dryer and vacuum oven.

3, the structure and working principle of air drying oven and vacuum drying oven.

The concept of drying box

Drying box is a common instrument and equipment, mainly used for drying samples, can also provide the temperature environment needed for the experiment. Drying box is used in chemical, electronic, casting, automotive, food, machinery and other industries. Generally divided into galvanized steel and stainless steel liner, pointer and digital display, natural convection and blast cycle, conventional oven and vacuum type.

Application scope of air drying oven and vacuum drying oven

Air-blast drying box is suitable for baking chemical gases and food processing to be baked goods, ink curing, paint film drying, etc., widely used in electronics, motors, communications, electroplating, plastics, hardware and chemical industry, equipment, printing, pharmaceuticals, PC board, powder, containing soaking, spraying, glass, wood building materials and other precision baking Drying, tempering, preheating, shaping, machining, etc.

Vacuum drying box is widely used in biochemistry, chemical pharmaceuticals, medical and health care, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research and application fields, as powder drying, baking, disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers. Especially suitable for drying heat sensitive, easy decomposition, easy to oxidize substances and complex components of goods for rapid and efficient drying.

The structure and working principle of air drying oven and vacuum oven drying box

The working principle of the air-blast drying box: The biggest characteristic of this drying box is that it is connected with the outside air by blowing. The function of the blower is to make the air in the drying box circulate horizontally, so that the air in the drying box is blown to the electric heater for heating, then sent to the workshop, and then blown by the suction blower into the electric heat pipe for heating. The temperature in the drying box is more uniform at the same time. The hot air in the studio can heat the wet sample and the moisture can be changed into vapor and mixed into the hot air.

The shell of vacuum drying box is stamped, folded and welded by steel plate. The surface of the shell is treated by high strength electrostatic spraying, and the film is smooth and firm. The studio is made of carbon steel plate or stainless steel plate by folding and welding, and the insulation cotton is filled between the studio and the outer shell. The interior of the studio is provided with test shelves for placing various test items, and the outer wall of the studio is surrounded by mica heaters. The door seal is sealed by silicon rubber strip, and the observation door is equipped with a viewing mirror. The evacuation and charging of the electrothermal vacuum drying box are controlled by solenoid valve. The electric box is on the left side or the lower part of the box. The front panel of the electric box is equipped with vacuum meter, temperature control instrument and control switch. The electric components are installed in the electric box.

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