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What should we pay attention to when vacuum drying oven (vacuum oven) is used?


Vacuum drying oven (oven) is a widely used and necessary equipment, with simple operation, high efficiency, low maintenance costs and other advantages, so it is very popular. However, there are still many things to pay attention to when using the vacuum oven / drying box. After all, the function of the drying box is still quite a lot. If it is not operated properly or not according to the regulations, it will inevitably affect the use effect of the vacuum drying box. Here is an example of the vacuum oven to introduce the use of attention. Some matters.

First, must be grounded, because this kind of equipment is outside the metal shell, only grounded to ensure its safety.

2. The humidity inside the vacuum drying box should not be too high during drying, and there should be no corrosive gases, so as not to corrode the equipment, and there should be no dangerous articles around the equipment. At the same time, the inflammable, explosive and corrosive things should not be taken away for drying, which is very dangerous.

3. Vacuum oven vacuum pump can not be used for a long time, one is easy to break down, one is unnecessary, as long as the vacuum inside can achieve the best drying effect, you can stop the power supply, wait for the pressure to drop and then open the vacuum pump to vacuum.

In addition, there are a lot of things to pay attention to, the general purchase will be accompanied by operating specifications.

In short, the operator must operate according to the normal requirements when using the drying oven / oven, can not be arbitrary, so that not only can not guarantee good drying effect, but also there are great risk factors for safety, only the correct use of it, to better play its value, but also to reduce its maintenance costs As well as ensuring its normal work, it is helpful to extend the useful life of the equipment.

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